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What’s up everyone and Welcome to Creatively Enhanced, the show and blog that is dedicated to visual artists and creative entrepreneurs, helping expand outside of the canvas. I’m your host, and artist mastermind, Chantelle.

I've been in the art industry for many years, coached other visual artist, exhibited in multiple galleries, and run multiple businesses in the creative field such as graphic designing! 

I started this journey with nothing and learned everything on my own. In my journey of learning, I discovered art is more than just paint on the canvas. We are all walking artist, but we are enhanced with creativity throughout our dream fulfilled careers.  This is NOT your typical art business blog and podcast! This is the place where you can come and be creatively you! 

Art expands in different areas of our lives. This podcast will teach you the ropes of how to run an art business, how your art can make an impact in different entrepreneurial ventures and how to make money as an artist.

Image by Jené Stephaniuk

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