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Introduction: Let's get Creatively Enhanced!

What’s up everyone and Welcome to Creatively Enhanced, the show that is dedicated to visual artists and creative entrepreneurs. I’m your host, and artist mastermind, Chantelle.

On this podcast and blog, I will discuss the business side of being an artist, becoming an artist, as well as discussing the artist lifestyle and building multiple businesses in the creative design field. Art is my passion, and with my experience over the years in mentoring and coaching many other visual artists, designing websites, and receiving multiple accolades, my goal is to add value in your journey as an artist from my experience, to equip you with the tools in succeeding in social media marketing, art branding, selling your artwork, improving the quality of your art and so much more! Guys! I am excited to share all things that I know, so grab a pen and paper, your art supplies, cup of coffee and let’s get creatively enhanced.

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