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Artist Convo: Jules Gissler's Story "Finding Happiness Through Expression"


Like many artists who turned their passion into a career, Jules Gissler has felt pulled to create for as long as she can remember. From making puppets to painting a mural on her elementary school’s playground, Jules found her greatest happiness when using art as a means of expressing her ideas. She quickly realized, in addition to the joy she felt creating, art was also a means to connect with others. This remains at the core of her work and was her primary motivation to move to art full time.

Jules believes that all art is meant to do three things: make both artist and audience feel more alive, tell a story, and serve as an expression of joy. She brings substance and personality to her work by crafting storylines for most every piece of work. These short stories serve as a thread that keeps her connected to the artistic energy she shares with the world.

When she needs a jolt of inspiration or a pick-me-up, Jules looks no further than her eclectic playlist. In her world, there is no art without music. From an early age she combined the two and remembers connecting sounds with shapes and colors. She can always be found listening to music while she paints, the rhythm is a conduit to her creative flow.

Jules’ style is primarily whimsical, bringing a humorous, joyful feel to her work. You can see this best in some of her pet portraits, which are done in acrylic and embellished with ink and sequins. Her animals are animated, never looking straight ahead, to add to their personalities. Jules also creates true-to-life pet portraits using a mix of watercolor, gouache, colored pencils, and charcoal.

In addition to pets, Jules is also known for her larger, figurative paintings, florals, desserts, and abstracts. She captures the complexity of women, showcasing characters who are fanciful and quirky, but also mysteriously pensive. Painting flowers brings Jules peace and a sense of relaxation. Florals also help her find her groove and chase away the doldrums. Jules doesn’t shy away from mixing materials. Her work has been known to feature sequins, gouache, charcoal, acrylic paint, ink, and hand-torn deli sheets for collage and texture. By using a variety of mediums, Jules has freedom to match her work to the ebb and flow of her own life.

One of Jules favorite expressions is, “Live your magic.” It was inspired by a book she wrote called Getting Your Magic Back. It is a story about having faith in yourself and pursuing your dreams, regardless of your circumstances. Jules’ magic is made up of her vulnerability, an attachment to the natural world, the courage to claim her space, and an endless sense of humor and love that you can see in all her work. She encourages others to find their own magic and use it to live their best life possible.

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Originally from Montana, Jules currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design from Montana State University. When she isn’t painting, Jules can be found hiking or walking with her dog. In 2018, she was the Arizona Animal Welfare League's featured artist and has long been a featured artist at the Shemer Art Center & Museum's "Furry Friends" event. She was commissioned by HOKA with Sole Sports and also the Pie Snob locations in the greater Phoenix area. Her work has been shown with the Arizona Artists Guild and been displayed at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. She also has two paintings permanently displayed at the Phoenix Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center. If you are interested in working with Jules on a commission or collaboration, you can reach her via

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